Is School 2.0 just a fad?

Is School 2.0 just a fad?

Although there is a lot of talk about School 2.0 among those in the edublogosphere, I believe that many educators are going to try and wait out the torrent of technology integration that they currently are experiencing because they believe that it is merely a fad that will eventually go away. If we are serious about this type of systemic change, we need to be able to convince everyone that School 2.0 is not a fad. In this podcast I came up with a few observations about the nature of School 2.0:

1. We need a watershed collaborative School 2.0 event that causes all educators to take notice (I’m thinking of a hybrid between the numbers on myspace with the education of the K12 Online Conference (
2. Once you give students the power to create their own learning, you can never take it back (nor would most teachers who have tried it, want to take it back).
3. Students are clamoring for School 2.0 classrooms, even if they don’t know that is what they are looking for.
4. School 2.0 is not a fad because it doesn’t repackage something that has come before (like many movements in education). It is truly something new.

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