Core 1:

  1. What is the one word that you are going to remember next year from Unit 10 (including your own words and everyone else’s)?
  2. Finish Unit 10  activities and study for quiz tomorrow.
  3. Write-On: What do you think a flat classroom is?
  4. Can we use the internet to create utopian classrooms?

Core 2:

  1. Think about how flat classrooms can change the way we think about audience.
  2. Write your Weekly Authentic for Sem2_Week8 and post to Del.icio.us.

Core 3:

  • Weekly Authentic Self-Assessment and Reflection

    • You should fill this out correctly and honestly, leaving nothing for me to question in my grading.
  • Get the help that you need on your digital stories today and decide if you need to come in at some other point and work on them.

Core 4:

  1.  Write-On: If you could preserve one element of this world, what would it be and why?
  2. Revisit How the World Was Saved.

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