Isaac and Ishmael

Discussion Questions for this episode of The West Wing:

  1. What did Josh mean when he said that “they” want to kill all of us the same amount?
  2. Why does Josh’s analogy make sense: Islamic Extremists is to Islamic as KKK is to Christianity?
  3. What are the specific grievances that terrorists have against us, as Americans?
  4. What did Josh mean when he said that we live in a “Plural Society?”
  5. Why did Sam say, “terrorists always fail?”
  6. What are civil liberties and why are they important?
  7. Why does the nature of war have to change because of terrorism?
  8. What situations qualify as a breading ground for terrorism?
  9. Why is racial profiling so prevalent?
  10. Do you believe that by living our lives we actually hurt terrorists?

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