But at least…

But at least…

Disclaimer: The following Weekly Authentic is senseless. It has purpose only to me, and I’m still trying to figure out what that is. I share it with you only to see if you can find meaning before I get to it. I just felt like I had to say these things, that they were somehow important. I really want to know what “It” is, but I’m kind of afraid of what I might find.

It’s about speaking up without yet being spoken to.

It’s about survival.

It’s about making lists.

It’s about hoping to God that I have a few more hours.

It’s about a relentless search.

It’s about being open to something that hasn’t been dreamed of yet.

It’s about wringing out wet T-shirts.

It’s about not knowing how things will turn out and acting anyway.

It’s about running in place and getting winded.
It’s about feeling worthless.

It’s about The Glass Menagerie, West Side Story, and Waiting For Godot.

It’s about the history of all things beautiful.

It’s about crying when you recognize something.

It’s about mothers, and the absence of mothers.

It’s about wanting to wriggle away from all responsibility.

You see, I may be a fragile, murky, pedantic and obtuse, broken, fanatically supportive, fluid, wandering failure, but at least I’m not ugly.

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  2. Its about staying hidden from bad

    Its about staying inside you box

    Staying in your comfort zone


    Then you take a step out of the box

    there is a secure step

    and anouther secure step

    and anouther secure step

    your happy about that but then you fall into black

    deep into black

    then you are back to same spot

    Your box

    then it takes longer for you to take a step

    its about falling down and trying again

    Its about life

    Thats life falling and standing


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  4. Audio62

    My e-mail was being stupid, but I managed to get onto the grazer navagator, so this will have to substitute as an e-mail.

    You insulted me when you said I wasn’t listening to your cd’s. Lest you forgot you gave me about 12. I already have all the artists on my iPod.
    So far I’ve gotten through all of Ben Kweller and the first two songs of all the other ten or so bands and artists. Ben Kweller was very good, I’ve already got favorite songs, but I haven’t gotten around to memorizing the words yet. Launch Ramp,How it should be, falling, wasted and ready,and i’d say some other ones but i need to move on.
    Since i only got through ben kweller, i can’t give you much feedback on the others, but but i’m working on it. i’m listening to them as we spe– never mind, as i type.

    I get most of my music from my brother and he told me that Josh Rouse has 6 other albums. since he records in Spain not all of his albums are huge here, so me and my brother have to go and track the others down. The ones we have are the newest ones. It goes Dress up like Nebraska, Chester, Home, Under Cold Blue Stars, 1972, Nashville, and finally Subtitulo. My brother has Nashville, 1972, and Subtitulo, so i’m working on getting you a copy of the other albums.

    My brother is really into cinematography, he makes alot of mini-movies(one time he made a snowboarder style documentary of the game Dance Dance Revolution with his friends and it’s extreamly funny, but i find sometimes that it is more funny if you know the people, i’ll show if i get the chance), and he’s going to make a musical out of The Format’s Dog Problems CD’s. If you listen to the lyrics, i can make perfect sence. The basic story that he made was a stuggling lead singer of a band just got dumped, so he goes to a bar and he meets a girl. They end up liking each other(the bears are really good)but she has to leave in three days. She leaves and it becomes a dramatic love story. My brother gives a better rendition of the story, but I thought you should know about it. I’ll show it to you when it is done.

    Right now i’ve listen to Bears,halfway through belle and sebastain, halfway through Denison Witmer, and Ben Kweller. You listen to alot when you do homework and type and e-mail/comment.

    Congratulations on you new child, thanks for the cd’s, and i give but at least
    a 4.6432281.

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