Learning is Change

For Schools


The one word that drowns out nearly all others when it comes to communicating a unique vision for the future is change. You can try to hide it, cover it up, or even deny it, but if you seek change, people will know. They will see that you have ideas in your head, and not just floating casually around either. They will be able to see your brain working on figuring things out, trying to resolve what has gone before into what is coming now. They see the moment that you realize that change is inevitable, and they know when you are about ready to lay a new initiative upon them.

This is unavoidable and good.

Otherwise, how would they know when it is time to create, when they have been challenged to think for themselves, when they have been asked to act.

If you have a captive audience and you are at a loss for how to get your message of change across, you are not alone. Whether that message is a technological shift, a pedagogical shift, or a run-of-the-mill tectonic shift in direction, a culture of change can only be created if it is framed so as to be palatable to others.

Here is one example of a Learning is Change frame specifically authored to elicit change:

What does your frame look like?

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