Learning is Change

What is LiC?

Learning is Change. It is upheaval. It is revolution.

Every time that we learn something new, it challenges our assumptions, it provokes us to act.

Our first action is that of asking questions: What type of change does this learning require: enhancement, correction, contradiction, revision, or transformation? What shift will my mind make that will allow this new learning to take hold?

Through all of the questioning, all of our thinking, writing, understanding: we are the sum total of our learning, the amalgamation of all of the changes we have experienced to date.

If learning is change then what what kind of learning is required in the 21st century?

The purpose of this site is to define this type of required learning. It is to create learning environments worthy of all stakeholders (educators, businesspeople, and students). Learning is Change (or LiC) exists to frame the shift toward authenticity in all learning spaces so that it is purposeful. As the author of this blog, I intend to aggregate ideas in any format that makes meaning possible, through video, audio, text, or intereactivity and community creation. I may not have all of the answers, but as I continue to make these connections real through this blog, I await the day that we all learn in the ways that we need, leaders teach with every resource at their fingertips, and all stakeholders can guide education and business into the future without fear of missteps or lack of understanding.


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