An Extraordinary Gift

An Extraordinary Gift

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the structures that support us and those that hold us back. Something that has been helping this thinking along is reading a book on Holacracy (a distributed, rather than hierarchical, structure for organizations):

I have a feeling that I will be sharing a lot from this book over the next few weeks, but something from the first chapter struck me with such resonance that I thought it needed to be shared more immediately. In a passage about why a new structure was needed and why the author started going down this path, he wrote:

“The human capacity to sense dissonance in the present moment and see the potential for change strikes me as one of our most extraordinary gifts—our restless, never-satisfied, creative spirit that keeps us always reaching beyond where we are. When we feel that sense of frustration at a system that’s not working, or a mistake that keeps getting repeated, or a process that seems inefficient and cumbersome, we are tuning in to a gap between how things are and how they could be.”

I see this within us a lot. I see it in our conversations and in our supports to Schools. We are trying to fill that gap (or help others to fill it). We are looking for ways to use our gift of “reaching beyond” to create the future of APS.

The questions is, “how do we best do that?”

That’s what I aim to find out this year, and I’m so looking forward to the journey. Let me (or, better yet, all of us) know if you have ideas.

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