Next Steps

Next Steps

In my time at Denver Public Schools, I have held three official titles. I have had four direct supervisors and shared five different offices. I have created, shared, and contributed to over 5000 Google Docs. I have worked with hundreds of school leaders and thousands of teachers on projects big and small.

And that is why I am writing this blog post and sharing this video of thanks:

First, I want to let everyone in DPS know just what they have meant to me. They have spurred my growth more than any other organization I have been a part of. They have given me more to think about and more resources to build with than I ever thought possible. They have made me a stronger collaborator and better leader.

And for that, I thank DPS, and more specifically, the amazing people there.

And yet, my chapter in Denver is coming to a close. My work, while not complete, is something that I am proud of and something that I hope will live on within those that I have worked for common goals with and learned from in the process. I know that our collaboration has directly and positively impacted the success of students, teachers and leaders throughout the district. And that fact is what I will take with me, bringing me encouragement in what is to come next for us both.

And what is next for me, you may ask…

I will be joining the Equity in Learning team at Aurora Public Schools to serve as their first ever Director of Blended and Personalized Learning. This is an incredible opportunity to learn and lead in a neighboring district, one that faces many of the same challenges and opportunities present in DPS.

I embrace this new role, knowing fully that I am leaving behind some of the most capable and passionate educators I will ever know. This does not spell the end for our connection, though. Even as I try to build upon the work that Aurora has been pioneering with their digital badges implementation and their district redesign processes, I know that I will continue to learn from my former colleagues in DPS. If you are one of them, please do not be shy about reaching out or asking to work together. I will only be a short journey to the east.

If you are one of my new colleagues in APS, I am so excited to be a part of your world now. I join you with eyes open and ears listening. I look forward to building something amazing with you. If you are interested in getting in touch prior to my full-time start date on August 1, I encourage you to reach out on Twitter or via district email.

And just so you didn’t think my former DPS colleagues were the only ones who were going to get a video, here is a video of me making various funny faces for you to enjoy and laugh at:

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