34: Five types of collaboration gone bad. #LifeWideLearning16

  1. Groupthink: When you want to please the others in the group more than you want to find the best solution.
  2. Decision by Committee: Finding consensus without ever finding buy-in.
  3. Starting Over, Again: Collaborating on the same thing, but calling it something new because the protocol is different or we didn’t like the outcome the first time.
  4. The Meeting After The Meeting: The type of collaboration that is in direct opposition of the collaboration that has already occurred because no one in the session felt comfortable enough to challenging others during the time allotted.
  5. The Never-ending Collaboration: The document, project, or conversation that never reaches the milestone of sharing out. In this type of collaboration there is a lot of excitement, but ultimately it is unsatisfying and discourages people from participating in future collaborations.

I’m sure there are many more types of Collaboration that goes too far (or not far enough), but these are the ones that I have experienced most. What do you see in your workplace?

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