#C4C15: #WhyTeach: Our Chance to Push Back | Young Teachers Collective

#C4C15: #WhyTeach: Our Chance to Push Back | Young Teachers Collective

I love teaching and teachers. This movement for young educators is one of my favorite things.

I love what you have started here. I began teaching in 2004 at the age of 21, and even then there was so much negativity towards going into teaching. For me, though, it was all I had ever wanted to do. Anyone trying to talk me out of it or disparage the process of teaching and learning held no place in my discourse. But I think it was partially for this reason that I began connecting with others on the web, initially through blogs, but then with Twitter and later Google+. These were the tools that I used to fight back against the anti-teachers and reform efforts that were targeting the de-professionalization of teaching.

It is my sincere hope that this movement of yours continues to grow and becomes the dominant narrative for young teachers. I will do anything I can to help, but more than anything I will continue to encourage those passionate and driven children from our schools to go into teaching and to prize learning and inquiry. Again, thank you for your direction and your vision.

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