What I'm Using: A single URL to start a Google Hangout

I’m really not sure how I missed this, but my goodness is this a time saver. I often need to grab a link to a google hangout. This is the easiest way to start one and send the link out. Just Awesome!


This will create a standard Google Hangout that you can invite your friends to. It won’t make a new browser window that has the address bar hidden or anything like that. I’ve seen other solutions that pop-up a new window that have the address bar and navigation bars removed, this doesn’t help me when I want to grab the URL and share it with a friend over Facebook or IM. When doing this it will also create an empty hangout if you hit “cancel”; for those of you who want to play around with it or invite by URL instead of invite by google account name.

via Create Google Hangouts quickly with these easy URLs – WP Media Pro.

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