#C4C15: wwwatanabe: What does it mean to be literate in the 21st century?

A great frame for thinking about 21st century literacies, those things that are truly different about the way we deal with information in our modern learning environments:

I appreciate the way you have approached “new literacies” as something that really does build upon the literacies that come before. The radical departure comes not when you look at the difference between looking at video vs. a novel as text, but rather in the way that we think about information as something that is ever changing.

I liked your point about the way in which the “purpose” of information (and finding it) changes when you can search for anything you might need. We stop thinking about “reading everything you can on a subject” or choosing the “1 book we have access to”. These are literacies of scarcity. The new literacies are about abundance and overload. They are about synthesizing information and creating something new to add to the conversation.

New literacies (for me, at least) include:

1. Owning and managing your data and digital footprint

2. Engaging in online dialogue to further understand curriculum

3. Aggregation and curation of information for a specific purpose

4. Creating and using video for learning outcomes

5. Creating and engaging in a learning network (actually connecting with other people and not just following them)


wwwatanabe: What does it mean to be literate in the 21st century?.

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