#C4C15: Heidi's Take on Deaf Education: My Magic Wand

#C4C15: Heidi's Take on Deaf Education: My Magic Wand

The Deaf and Hard Of Hearing education bloggers are seemingly in their own part of the blogophere, but I think there are wonderful implications for their ideas for the rest of us:

Your emphasis on giving these children (and their families) mentors is wonderful. The type of mentorship that you are describing is one that would not simply be about those initial first contacts. You are creating a situation in which there could be a life long bond created simply by connecting these families to those who have gone before them.

I think that is why I see such value in online communities of practice. I see so much support being generated by simply being a member of an active facebook page or Google+ community. It might be possible for folks to identify themselves as potential mentors within such an online space and then the new families could simply be “paired” and start their conversations that way. Is there such a place for DHH folks to go and ask questions and get matched to mentors? Is there such a place for these mentors to come forward and identify themselves?

via Heidi’s Take on Deaf Education: My Magic Wand.


  1. Ben,

    Thank you for finding my blog and taking the time to comment on My Magic Wand post. I find your idea fascinating and not something I have considered. Online communities are incredibly powerful for professional growth but do have an untapped potential to make connections that are needed for the sake of our students.

    You have given me some food for thought that I plan to share with some people who I think could make it happen!


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