#C4C15: TSLG 1440: I Will Ask You About You

#C4C15: TSLG 1440: I Will Ask You About You

A story of loss and of treasures found within teaching:

I found your thoughts about this colleague to be extremely compelling, but even more so it caused me to ponder your statement, “Kids desire to know and be known.” This is amazingly simply and incredibly true.

Students being known is something that is at the heart of great teaching, and it is something that we can gloss over too much in an effort to make sure they know all of the things we want to teach them. Especially in this era of “personalization”, we are really struggling to understand the “person” within our structures. But it is this aspect of wanting to be known and treated as a person that the true power of connecting with kids lies.

I hope you never stop doing this. Thank you for serving these children, and thank you for this wonderful post.

via TSLG 1440: I Will Ask You About You.

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