#C4C15: Time Space Education | Thinking and Re-thinking

#C4C15: Time Space Education | Thinking and Re-thinking

Why Gossip can suck the culture right out of a school:

The part of this post that really caught me off guard was this: “A large number of teachers haven’t ever really left school.”

I think that this is absolutely true. It is both amazing and difficult to swallow. Gossip is definitely a byproduct of this system, but so are the ways in which perpetuate “school” in other ways. The ways in which we are taught influence so much the ways in which we teach. Especially if we have never learned within any other system.

The questions I have is these: What does it take for someone to question the system that created them? Is it just realizing that what you have always done is no longer working? What does it take to stand up to not only the gossip, but the other ways in which our system is resolved to just keep on going?

I don’t have answers to those questions, but they haunt me. Thank you for calling attention to this. I am glad you are standing up to this gossip, and I am glad you are looking for ways to change “school.”

via Standing up to gossip | Time Space Education.

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