What I'm Learning: Agile Classrooms are "a thing".

What I'm Learning: Agile Classrooms are "a thing".

Agile Classrooms | Learning Rhythm

So, I’m not sure if I am in love with this model or if it is just an idea that I would love to explore if given the chance.

The Learing Rhythm: Inspect. Adapt. Iterate.

The Learning Rhythm is inspired by the same process the most innovative STEM organizations in the world today emply to compete and adapt, such as Google, GE, and the military. The Learning Rhythm is composed of a specific set of events that are all performed within a timebox (1 period up to 4 weeks) called a Learning Iteration. Once a Learning Iteration ends, another begins, repeating itself. Learning Iterations weave a dense fabric of feedback loops that enables classrooms to frequently inspect and adapt, accelerating learning and rapidly growing capacity for empowerment and collaboration. Each event in the Learning Iteration serves elastic constraints to grow empowerment and collaboration within, so that one can throttle empowerment and collaboration for the right level for your classroom. It provides a reliable and repeatable learning framework so students can being to start driving their own learning.

via Agile Classrooms | Learning Rhythm.

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Special H/T to the amazing and wonderful Jessica Raleigh, who already knew all about this!

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