#C4C15: The Colorful Principal: Give it a TRY

My thoughts about how trying is harder than you think:

I love how this post is half inspiration and half opening the conversation to other opportunities for learning (the links and the week at a glance). Your structure of a story also really resonates with me.

I believe in the mantra you are trying to create here. “Try” is one of the best things you can ask someone to do (a student or an adult). But, I do think the struggle is real for figuring out “how to try.” Trying requires that you have enough support to make the attempt. Trying also requires that you have enough context for the learning that in front of you.

I think that the mantra is a requirement, but frustration and apathy are very real consequences of seeing others “try” around you and believing that you don’t have what you need in order to do the same. How can we make sure that the students and teachers around us can make good on your mantra? How can we lead in a way that support for each attempt a part of the equation?

via The Colorful Principal: Give it a TRY.

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