#C4C15 – EdTechyness: The Power of a Teacher Challenge

#C4C15 – EdTechyness: The Power of a Teacher Challenge

I can’t wait to try out all of the teacher challenges that Rae mentions:

I am in love with the way you have laid out the growth potential you have identified within teacher challenges. 

I often struggle with this component of group accountability within professional learning. I think that this is something we do rather poorly when we “require PD”. Can we shift toward this model of challenges and avoid the required element?

Also, I am so intrigued by how you decided to tackle only three challenges per year. I run into so many teachers who are trying to take on everything all at once. I think you have dog s a rather wonderful balance here. 

I’m also very interested in how you see growth happening as a result of teacher challenges. What is it that you think is “changed” as a result of the ones you have taken part in? 

I’m now going to go dig into each one of the ones you linked to. Thank you again for this wondeful frame and way of looking at Professional Learning from the frame of personal accountability and connection. 

EdTechyness: The Power of a Teacher Challenge.

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