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I think this might be an important post for thinking through just WHO is responsible for change within a school:

This really stuck with me: “We also have to understand that not all people are interested or comfortable in becoming more creative and or innovative.”

I think I struggle with this the most. I don’t understand this orientation, but I fully respect that it exists. I do not see how someone can look at “the way things have always been done” and not want to make them better (by leaps and bounds). Yet, I think the issue most important for all types of change-agents is in how we Frame Change. I put those words in capital letters because the frame is something we do so badly.

Either we frame change for early adopters OR we frame change for the incrementalists. I believe that we should be in the business of doing both. We must be able to present a frame that allows for everyone to see the picture clearly. We need to provide an entry point that makes the change real. I think it comes down to creating different ways to champion change.

If we can ensure that those who need to move slow are able to celebrate their changes just as those who want to move fast, we will allow for more people to take ownership. If everyone is reflecting upon their change (ideally through a public forum, like a blog/vlog), then we won’t only see the examples of rapid change as the only ones that are allowed. We will see the folks that are comforted by the status quo, making the shifts as they continue to gain knowledge and capacity for even more growth.

via Getting It Right: When It Comes To Creativity And Innovation | DCulberhouse.

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