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My thoughts on a different part of the Edublogosphere:

Thank you so much for linking to these additional blog posts on “non-inclusive” education (or whatever this discussion would be okay with calling itself). I have to say, it has challenged me (and my educational philosophy) profoundly.

Generally, I advocate for personalized lea

rning, a movement where the right technology, curriculum and support meet a learner’s Strengths, Needs, Interests, and Constraints. However, this approach is usually in an effort to make the learning experience accessible to ALL LEARNERS in a similar space. It oversimplifies just how profoundly diverse learners can really be.

Just as you did in your car, I think I might need to occasionally weep for my lack of imagination for just how deep the need for a child might be or just how great an accommodation is required to meet a constraint. It is this lack of imagination that has us thinking that any one single thing could be a silver bullet for “all kids.”

I believe in “least restrictive environments”, but we shouldn’t be afraid to imagine those environments differently. We shouldn’t let the ideal (inclusion) get in the way of supporting kids as if they were our own and making imaginative decisions on their behalf.

via Who’s Afraid of the Special School? | The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy.

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