What I'm Learning: RAT (Replace, Amplify, Transform)

What I'm Learning: RAT (Replace, Amplify, Transform)

I like a good technology framework as much as the next guy, but I would agree that things need to be simpler than TPACK and SAMR for a lot of teachers. I think that this blog post goes a little far in decrying the “Replace” culture that we have in many schools (i.e., where we replace paper with screens without actually changing anything else), but it also does a good job of making the case for why we should push for Transformation. That I can definitely get on board with.

Digital Literacy Dover: The RAT, SAMr, Transformative Technology, & Occam’s Razor

Probably the single greatest challenge in my role is to encourage ICT use that does not make the mistake of just replacing or substituting pixels for pages. There are two frameworks, SAMR and RAT, I prefer RAT, but for some reason SAMR seems to get a lot more attention, which is crazy in my opinion, it’s far too complex to be of any really practical use, and it’s often misinterpreted.

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