What I'm Learning: You can embed a Hangout button pretty much anywhere.

So, I should have probably realized this, but you can set up a Google Hangout with a simple click of a button. You can do this in your own website or simply insert this button in a Google Site without coding anything.

I am going to be using this to set up specific support structures using hangouts for PD. How will you use this feature?

If you want more of the technical aspects of this, go here: 

Google+ Hangout button – Google+ Platform — Google Developers

The Hangout button lets you launch a Google+ Hangout directly from your site. When you use the button, you can set up the Hangout in a variety of configurations. For example, you can specify Hangout apps that launch along with the Hangout and setup the Hangout as a regular Hangout or a Hangout On Air. You can customize the Hangout button to meet the needs of your website by modifying the button size, loading the button when the page loads, or selectively showing the button using JavaScript.

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