Love Letter to Connected Teachers and Learners

Love Letter to Connected Teachers and Learners

This video demonstrates the one of the most fundamental ways I look to connect educators: Online Roundtable Discussions. This project has allowed me to facilitate conversations with hundreds of educators throughout 2014, and has sparked even greater numbers of conversations after each one. The video shows just a few of the people that have taken part in Project Roundtable ( I also bookended the video with excerpts from my #2minPD on Blended Learning (

I believe deeply in the power of connection, and of making connections for others. If we can bring people together with a common purpose, we allow authentic learning to be at the forefront of our professional practice. It is with this belief in mind that I created and continue to engage in Online Roundtable Discussions.

Thank you to all connected educators around the world. I learn from and with you. Ever Day.

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