What I'm Learning: Consulting startups on the use of Google Glass in Schools already exist.

I’m intrigued by the idea that these kinds of consulting startups, and practitioner blogs are already at this level. Definitely one to watch.

About | EduGlasses

EduGlasses is a start-up that is part of the education technology market.  This segment is the fastest growing in the education market because it is seen by districts as the best way to incorporate personalized student learning, accomplish differentiated instruction, handle growing classroom sizes, increase district accountability, and enhance teacher effectiveness. Our mission is to provide applications and services for administrators, teachers, and students through the use of smart glasses (e.g. Google Glass).  This next generation technology allows for the control, collection, and distribution of information faster and easier for the user.  The EduGlasses goal is to ensure the content and pedagogy is in place when the technology enters the marketplace rather than lag as many other technologies have when first entering the education technology market.

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