What I'm Using: Google Docs Add-On for keeping track of what is shared outside your GAFE domain.

While it only scans the first 10,000 files in your Google Drive, it is highly unlikely that most of you will have that many. I really like having this amazing list of all of my Google Docs and the folks that it is shared with. Interestingly, this also works with your open @gmail.com accounts, so you can see which docs are shared with GAFE domains. I am thinking of a bunch of new ways to use this dynamic list of docs, but let me know if you come up with any interesting ones.

Drive Eye – Google Sheets add-on

Easily audit your Google Drive. Get more visibility into the files that are either shared within or outside your Google Apps domain. Generate a two types of lists of all your files in Google Drive * Files shared outside your Google Apps domain. * Files shared within your Google Apps domain.

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