Project Roundtable: Access and Equity In and Through BYOD and 1:1

Thank you so much for taking part. This was a wonderful Roundtable.

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*Roundtable Purpose:*
To ensure that *EVERYONE* is empowered by personalized learning environments, and not only those who have access to the latest and greatest tools. 

We cannot ensure that we are meeting the needs of all of our students and teachers if we do not have access and equity for technology, professional development, and the structures that empower ownership of learning.

*Roundtable Audience:*
1. Teachers and leaders who are interested in ensuring that all students and teachers have access to the right educational tools to support personalized learning environments. 

2. Teachers and leaders interested in implementing BYOD or 1:1 programs (or some combination of both) in order to increase student engagement and achievement.

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