What I'm Learning: App Smashing is awesome!

What I'm Learning: App Smashing is awesome!

What I used to call creating a workflow somehow got changed into something much more wonderful: App Smashing. Essentially, all you are doing is making or creating things using multiple apps before you get a final result. These are things that come naturally to some and are much harder for others. Let’s make it easy for all.

Why App Smash? | ? IPAD 4 SCHOOLS

Content created in one app transferred to and enhanced by a second app and sometimes third. Preferably the final product is then published to the web – remember, digital presence is the new résumé (CV).

Chrome Smashing: Creating the Inconceivable | Edutopia

Creating with mobile devices can be a lot like baking. Though cookies, cakes and pies all begin with flour and eggs, the final products vary wildly. Similarly, smashing multiple apps can lead to extraordinary learning artifacts, so why not apply it to Chromebooks? In four steps, we have the potential to create and share something entirely new.

The History 2.0 Classroom: App Smashing: Part I

After working with iPads for any amount of time in the classroom, one will quickly realize that most processes can’t be completed with just one app.  While many apps slightly overlap in terms of functionality, there tends to be a few black holes in each app that require the use of another app to complete the process.  This leads us to “App Smashing”.

The History 2.0 Classroom: AppSmashing X iPad Summit Boston

AppSmashing X iPad Summit Boston The iPad Summit is back in Boston!  Below are the slides from my Thursday morning session on App-Smashing.  Enjoy & continue smashing.

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