An Introduction to #2minPD (a PD movement started by @mpelochino)

An Introduction to #2minPD (a PD movement started by @mpelochino)

I am so excited to be a part of the global movement started by Melisa Pelochino to reach 1 MM educators worldwide with 2 minute pd videos on topics that we are passionate about.

I will be creating a few over the next couple weeks, but if you would like to take part, this is what they can look like:

1. Intro:
Your name
Where you are from (city, state, country if not from US)
"Welcome to another 2 Minute PD"

2. What:
What are you sharing?

3. Why:
Why does it matter or why is it important?

4. How:
Concrete steps on how to implement this in the classroom. "do this…" or "try this.."

5. At least one visual.

(No more than 2:30 in length.)

Everything else is up to you. You can be as simple (talking head) or as complicated (animation, music, etc.) as you would like.

Please upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and include #2minPD in the title and then send Melissa a link.

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