What I'm Learning: Failed Sharing is a Thing.

What I'm Learning: Failed Sharing is a Thing.

I really love this post about how sharing comes with responsibility. The responsibility is to credit a creator or provide a context for what you have shared. My biggest connection to this work is the idea that “the people” are just as important as “the things” we share. Without the people, those things wouldn’t exist. Without the people, our learning won’t evolve. Without the people, we are stuck without a community.

Let’s make sure we share the people when we share the things.

Saving the World from Failed Sharing? | The Tempered Radical

In a digital world where content can be shared and replicated quickly and easily, we have to do a better job identifying our original work IF getting credit is something that matters to us.  My mistake as a creator was failing to place any kind of identifying information on the image and then sharing it out through Twitter — a place where the originators of ideas are quickly lost in an ever-changing stream of 140 character messages.

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