Possibly most strategic Technology Integration approach I have ever seen: Distributed PD

I met with Mike Muir of Auburn Schools (Maine) on a Project Roundtable Hangout the other day, and he introduced me to their Distributed PD project. I find the work extremely compelling, and a great model for all PD. What do you all think?

Distributed PD | Collaboratively Creating a Distributed PD System

Distributed PD is part of Auburn’s comprehensive approach to professional development, which includes face-to-face workshops & trainings, coaching & formative feedback, teachers getting together to share successes and challenges, and lesson & activity invention & tryouts. The key pieces of work in developing the distributed system of professional development include: A professional learning curriculum & continuum Learning modules built around that curriculum, and delivered in a variety of ways A system to “certify” and keep track of educators’ professional learning A system to recruit and certify the “certifiers” A distributed system to collect and share examples of various aspects of teaching and learning with iPads to help teachers answer the question, “But what does it look like?”

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