Shifting Practice: Outcome-Based Badges Roundtable

Shifting Practice: Outcome-Based Badges Roundtable

*Planning Doc:*

This is going to be an amazing roundtable on how we are _Actually Shifting Practice_ using badges for Professional Learning. This is a follow up to our previous roundtable on Badges for Learning (

*Roundtable purpose:*
This roundtable will help to identify the ways in which we can use Outcome-based Badges (rather than badging for seat-time) to shift practice for teachers and leaders.

*Roundtable audience:*
Teachers and Leaders who are looking to create and/or use a badging system within professional learning environments
Organizations who are looking to help teachers and leaders to create micro-credentials for professional learning

*Essential Questions:*
How do we eliminate badges for seat-time?
What are the tools to implement badges for professional learning?
What are the models for professional learning that are best supported by badges?
What does the "back of the badge" look like for adult learners?
How does self-reflection become a part of a badging system?

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