What I'm Learning: Fed-Ex Days in your school

What I'm Learning: Fed-Ex Days in your school

While I am more generally familiar with the topic, I really like how this one principal talks about individualized PD for and by her teachers. I also love the last question of this paragraph: “Don’t unique individuals deserve individualized professional development?”

Yes. Yes they do.

Professional development by you, for you.

Building-level administrators have to be given the autonomy to plan, implement and facilitate learning for their teachers in a way that empowers their teachers as learners. Without that freedom, (unless it’s orchestrated by the folks at the top, and to be fair, in some places, it is), this type of day doesn’t happen. In the years that followed, our district moved towards a standardized-approach for inservice days. Each elementary building follows a common professional development schedule built around district initiatives. While certainly this protocol serves to help the three buildings become more aligned in their efforts and open the lines of communication among teachers and grade levels, it doesn’t exactly support initiatives that address the unique needs of a building (or a particular set of teachers, like the specialists). And we all know that every school and the teachers within have a special culture, learning needs, and personalities. Don’t unique individuals deserve individualized professional development?

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