Launching the #ILearnFrom project to honor those in your PLN.

Launching the #ILearnFrom project to honor those in your PLN.

I realized a long while ago that Follow Friday (or #FF on twitter) wasn’t a very good way to honor the depth of learning going on in social spaces. So, I am attempting to do something more personal, more connected to help in this regard.

In this video blog from The Fellowship of Open Spokes I talk about the hashtag that I am using to honor all of the amazing people I am learning from: #ILearnFrom.

Essentially, it goes like this:

#ILearnFrom @TwitterUser because [my reason for learning from them]. Ask [him or her] about [something I know they are working on and/or are good at].

My hope is that this hashtag is a way to invite one another to connect.

My central question is: Who do you learn from?

And, how do you connect others to those who you are learning from?

#ILearnFrom all of you. Who do you learn from?

Here are all of the people (including me) that are using this hashtag. Please use it and keep the conversation going.

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