How to invite folks to participate in your community the right way

How to invite folks to participate in your community the right way

I think this “community message” is a great example of how you encourage the right kinds of posts and interactions. What do you think of how she frames “new members” and norms?

Original Post from Lyn Hilt:

Welcome to all of the new members of this community who have joined us over the past month! We’re so excited to see this community grow and flourish. A few words about postings and sharings here…  

Many times, a post that has been shared to multiple communities advertising an event or product gets flagged as spam. I typically don’t allow those types of messages to post in this community.

You are encouraged to include a narrative/message to accompany your link if you’re sharing a great learning opportunity, conference, your experience with a product, etc. for the community members here. 

If you choose to share a blog post you’ve written, that’s great, just know that if it’s shared to multiple communities with no message specific to our members, it may get flagged as spam. Post with intent. Are you looking for feedback on your post? Just want to share some great work you’ve been doing or something exciting going on in your school? Then say so!

Please also try to use the most appropriate category for your post. 

I have been so impressed with the level of support you’ve provided one another. I love that so many people respond to queries and questions and that conversations are emerging in so many posts! 

Thank you all for respecting and contributing to this learning community! Happy New Year! 

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