How are you planning 2014? The Project Roundtable Launch

How are you planning 2014? The Project Roundtable Launch

I have been thinking for quite some time that I need to plan out a series of hangouts on various topics, but my process thus far is every few weeks a new idea would come to me and I would set up the event. The problem with this process is that it doesn’t ensure that the most important topics get discussed and the online communities of practice I participate within feel any ownership for these sessions. Essentially, this doesn’t allow us to build anything together or create any momentum, whether within my district or within these much more loosely connected communities.

So, after thinking it through for the last week, I have decided to launch Project Roundtable, a 26 hangout session series throughout 2014 on the most important topics (collaboratively chosen and planned). Every other week, a group of educators will get together and try to answer essential questions or propose solutions to burning problems of practice.

So, while I am a firm believer in building structures and seeding communities, I am not in over-defining outcomes or prescribing what it is that each person might get out of the experience. With that in mind here is the Master Google Doc with all of the plans and ideas. I have seeded the process and each week with a tentative topic. This document will serve as the central organizing place for the entire project:


You can go there to make comments and start planning, but here is a quick overview of what I’m thinking thus far:

Project Purpose: This document is meant to outline all 26 sessions of Project Roundtable, representing a commitment to create an engaging facilitated session on a given topic every other week throughout 2014 utilizing the Google+ hangouts platform. These sessions are to be a model for personalized professional learning according to the needs of those within the communities of practice most relevant within Denver Public Schools, Colorado, and the wider world. These sessions are likely to change over time as the communities grow and shift throughout the year, however, so long as they are collaborative and based upon the needs, strengths and interests of their participants, they will still fulfill the promise of personalized professional learning.

Non-Purpose: This document is not meant to be a single person, school district or state’s idea of the important themes/topics of 2014, but rather as a starting point for collaboration. Please use the process outlined below to make contributions, comments, and ask questions.



  • Each session has a tentative topic set, but you may propose other topics by writing other options as numbered alternatives (each tentative item is #1).

    • If you propose a new topic, please also highlight and comment on the option so all owners of this document are notified.

  • Every two weeks, a new Planning Document will be created from this template:

    • You can create your own planning documents from this template if one needs to be created for a hangout you are helping to facilitate

  • You may comment on any topic (in the past, present or future) in order to propose a change or make a suggestion for a follow up.

    • You may spin-off any of these roundtables into your own sessions simply by placing them on this document in the following format:

      • Session 1a (choose the session number you are spinning off of and then add a letter that hasn’t been used yet)

      • Week for chosen session

      • Proposed Topic

      • Proposed Roundtable Members and Facilitators

      • Proposed Audience:

      • Event Link:

      • Planning Doc Link:

Project Roundtable (Google Doc Links)

Session 1: Week of 01/06/2014

Session 2: Week of 01/20/2014

Session 3: Week of 02/3/2014

Session 4: Week of 2/17/2014

Session 5: Week of 3/3/2014

Session 6: Week of 3/17/2014

Session 7: Week of 3/31/2014

Session 8: Week of 4/14/2014

Session 9: Week of 4/28/2014

Session 10: Week of 5/12/2014

Session 11: Week of 5/26/2014

Session 12: Week of 6/9/2014

Session 13: Week of 6/23/2014

Session 14: Week of 7/7/2014

Session 15: Week of 7/21/2014

Session 16: Week of 8/4/2014

Session 17: Week of 8/18/2014

Session 18: Week of 9/1/2014

Session 19: Week of 9/15/2014

Session 20: Week of 9/29/2014

Session 21: Week of 10/13/2014

Session 22: Week of 10/27/2014

Session 23: Week of 11/10/2014

Session 24: Week of 11/24/2014

Session 25: Week of 12/8/2014

Session 26: Week of 12/22/2014


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