I’m trying to find other schools and districts who are really engaged in using Google Apps as an LMS. I know a lot…

I’m trying to find other schools and districts who are really engaged in using Google Apps as an LMS. I know a lot of folks are experimenting, but I would love to connect a few schools/districts together in a hangout to discuss the systems to support this in more than a single classroom or team of teachers. 

Who is doing this work at the district (or schoolwide) level?


  1. Beth Mossholder You should be in on this! I think C2E continues to do some things that are unique because of their interesting position within DCSD but managing many things locally. I also think there’s a great perspective of having several years experience under their belts. Many elements of a solid GAFE LMS have been in place for years with staff and students so it has become a natural part of the culture (which is an aspect that is hugely important but that many schools are struggling with).

  2. Belmar Elementary School is also interested in Google as an LMS. We are 1:1 5th-8th grade and all staff using Chrome books. We have also heavily invested in PD and working with Rich Kiker. We also have several staff members working on becoming Google certified trainers. Using GAFE as an LMS is one of the next planned steps so please count us in as well!

  3. Kevin O’Donnell I’d love to talk to you sometime about your staff implementation and use of Chromebooks. I’m interested to hear how that’s working and what, if any, supplements you have available for staff who need functionality that Chromebooks can’t provide.

  4. I use Sites as an LMS for the Google Tools for Educators coursed I run – like I am with Kevin O’Donnell and the Belmar team. Even doing this with the Google courses I offer through CDWG. I have a strong belief in the meta-learning – learning about the Google ecosystem while working in the Google ecosystem. Participants can see the model of embedded forms, docs, videos, custom nav, etc. and then may apply it in their own classrooms. Happy to chat it out. Jessica Raleigh 

  5. I would love to be invited to this GHO as well. I am a university professor who loves Google, teaches a Tech for Educators course with full use of Google apps, and I would like to look into it as a full system. I’m not sure how on board my university would be though, so I need to gather lots of data. When will this conversation be happening?

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