What we are capable of now.

What we are capable of now.

I am constantly struck with an awareness of what is possible. That I am now capable of creating almost anything at any time: value, context, or insight. Art isn’t for isolated spaces anymore. It is democratized. It is in our hands. The creative class is us. The only thing stopping us from realizing it is that we are so good at moving the bar. Now that we can make movies or images from anywhere that would have astounded us 5 years ago, we are no longer impressed. Now that we have the capacity to incite revolution with a hash tag, we are simply expected to do so.

We move the bar, so that wonder is further and further from our reach. But, I want that to stop. I want to pause and marvel at the types of sharing and creation we can do at a moments notice. I want to be clear and passionate about the things that are now possible. These are amazing times we live in and we can’t treat them as anything but.

We are in need of a revolution of enthusiasm. A revolution free from snark and one-upsmanship. When we share something on Instagram, we shouldn’t simply like it, but rather we should react to it. We should share how it makes us feel. We should not let the fast pace of information drown us, but rather let it wash over us and become amazed anew by how it drips from our bodies and pools all around us.

We can wonder again. Not about every new thing, but about every human thing. We can see what connects us and embrace it.

This is something I made. It is now a part of me. Let it become a part of you too.


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