What I'm learning: Make your own iPad Stylus for less than 10 cents! (via iLearn Technology)

This is just too cool. I want to make one right now, in fact.

iLearn Technology » Blog Archive » Make your own iPad Stylus for less than 10 cents!:

“One of our first-week of school activities was creating our own iPad stylus.  Since we are a one-to-one iPad environment, this seemed like a good beginning for everyone. We learned that to make a stylus, we first had to find some soft, conductive material.  A Google search informed us that we could use conductive foam (the kind that is used to pack electronics), conductive thread, conductive yarn (we thought this would be PERFECT for our pens but couldn’t get any delivered fast enough), or a Scotch Brite sponge.  I was a little skeptical of the Scotch Brite (it just seemed TOO easy) but it worked like a champ!”

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