Get Notified Whenever a Google Doc Changes

Get Notified Whenever a Google Doc Changes

So I have trying to figure out a good way of receiving notification whenever a Google Doc is updated for a long time (I know you can set it up for spreadsheets, but even with the new commenting features, I still have trouble knowing when things are being edited and when I should jump in).

Well, here is something I stumbled into earlier this week:

1. Sign up for Synchronicity

2. Enable Google Docs syncing

3. Put the Google Docs folder that Synchronicity is using within your dropbox folder

Now, anytime that someone edits one of your docs and it syncs, you receive a Notification (Growl). Even better than that, I can click on the notification and preview the document to see what is going on in there without even having to open up my browser.

That is pretty cool.

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