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About : Share a Story:

“It’s in our nature to enjoy stories. Whether we tell, read, or listen to one, stories just have that magic quality. They take our minds somewhere else, allowing us to see and feel things that don’t even have to be right in front of us.

On a deeper level, stories do more than just excite the imagination. They can carry meaningful lessons too. Stories that carry a great message linger in the mind and resonate with the soul. This is the kind of positive power that Share A Story wants to explore and harness. By gathering real stories from people around the world and from every background you could possibly imagine, this website hopes to paint a raw picture of humanity today.

Through these stories, we can celebrate each other’s uniqueness and at the same time, appreciate the fact that even though we come from different countries, religions, or socio-economic backgrounds, at the core we are all the same.

We are inviting you to join these people who have already contributed their personal stories to Share A Story. You just might have a tale that someone has been waiting to hear, or insights that could nourish a spirit hungry for inspiration.”

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