Measure your Twitter Influence: All of it

Measure your Twitter Influence: All of it

Today I was given the assignment of measuring twitter influence. Here is what I did. All in all, it seemed to work well:

  1. I pulled the entire TwapperKeeper archive for the username (both @ mentions and mentions without the @)
  2. I went to The Archivist and looked at the analytics for the username and search term, looking for amount of retweets and mentions
  3. I went to Friend or Follow and downloaded the CSV files for the friends and fans of the given username. I looked at how many followers were following my followers and what their influence was.
  4. I went to Klout and looked at the individual achievements of the user and of the user’s network.
  5. I went to Twitter Grader and checked out the trajectory of followers (in beautiful line graph form, no less)
  6. I pulled all of the retweets of blog post announcement tweets from Disqus just for good measure.
  7. I went to Twitalyzer to see what other people consider influential about the user’s stream.

After all of this, I have a huge amount of data and I know quite a little bit about how a network has knit itself together. I can see just how far the influence reaches, and what are its boundaries.

But, the real question is: If you aren’t on Twitter, does Twitter influence matter?


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