Question 353 of 365: Who surprises someone with a car?

Question 353 of 365: Who surprises someone with a car?

Every holiday season, I am flabbergasted by the number of commercials that involve surprising a loved one with a car. They put bows on them, reveal them from behind enormous stockings, and often there are blindfolds involved. Each time the surprised husband or wife looks at the car, I get a little sick to my stomach.

It makes me wonder just what kinds of relationships would afford going out and purchasing a car without even mentioning it to your other half. These moments are crude approximations of love, requited through gifts that are major life decisions to almost everyone.

Under no circumstances would I enjoy choosing a huge debt without sharing the responsibility with my wife. There is nothing so arrogant as thinking you know what piece of machinery your significant other would like to send in monthly checks for.

I like getting books. I could even go as far as purchasing a phone or a nice bag. The overindulgence and complete disregard of fiscal responsibility of purchasing a car for someone else and surprising them with it. It isn’t okay to do this. While it makes for a dramatic commercial, it is inappropriate to suggest it as common or something that we should aspire to.

We should want to work with our loved ones and build a life with them that does not exclude them from the decision making process. Otherwise, what is the point?


    1. Yep. I just don’t understand who they are advertising to. Are there really
      that many people that can afford a something like a Lexus outright, have
      young children, and don’t have relationships that require a quick checkin
      about a major purchase such as a car? It boggles the mind.

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