Question 345 of 365: When should we Veg?

Question 345 of 365: When should we Veg?

When we have impending due dates that seem to be getting closer and closer.

When we have dozens of unwatched television shows on the DVR.

When climb up and down the stairs to try and put our children to bed a dozen times and we can’t hold a consistent thought in our heads.

When we know that everything is moving too fast and we can’t do anything to slow it down.

When we fight to keep our eyes open just so that we can prove we were thinking about doing work.

We should veg anytime that it seems as though resting our fingers on the home keys is just about as much energy as we can muster.


  1. Jacqueline L Cahill

    When one is so tired, that the individual cannot even think of a reason to smile. When one cannot fathom what one would dream. When one no longer knows who he/she is anymore. When one needs to breathe again.

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