Question 343 of 365: What can we learn from Carmen Sandiego?

We learn just how disposable magazines are.

We learn that networking knows no bounds and people will find even the loosest connections in order to start a conversation.

We learn that there is no substitute for clean silverware.

We learn that skyping in-flight is not a good idea.

We learn that suggestions to leave home are powerful and homesickness is even more so.

We learn that being ready to leave doesn’t matter to anyone but yourself.

We learn that work pressure isn’t quite so acute as guilt for your wife having to deal with two “accidents” as your two year old tries to watch a move at the theater.

We learn that no matter which city you happen to be in, more sleep is never good enough if you can’t share the bed with the woman you love.

Carmen Sandeago had no idea what was really important, even if she did see the world.

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