Question 341 of 365: What are our values of community?

A community consists of trust and shared vision.

In order to cultivate trust within the community, we must establish the following:

  • The primary communities are always friends, family and vital organizations (schools, churches). We must never forget that.
  • We do not know better than our users. We must listen to whatever criticism or praise is offered by the community and we must react accordingly.
  • Direct requests require direct responses. We must never ignore direct communication from someone in our community.
  • The community is made up of real people with real stories. There is no automation within the community. It is a visual and vibrant place to collaborate with others.

In order to cultivate shared vision within the community, we must establish the following:

  • Users should push its boundaries and they can think of new uses for it. Each one of these uses will be fed back into the community to further its growth
  • People are better than resources. We will value connections over content, always.
  • Self-Organization is the cornerstone. All contributions and collaborations are voluntary and based upon a shared interest in seeing a better future.
  • The pressures of the daily life are enormous. Any relief that we can provide for a lack of time, resources or support is in the best interest of all stakeholders.
  • Conversation is how solutions are created. We will focus all our efforts on promoting good solutions through conversation rather than hollow answers.

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