Question 334 of 365: Should we buy comfortable couches?

Question 334 of 365: Should we buy comfortable couches?

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We currently own the most comfortable couch that I can ever hope to have. While not immediately plush and inviting, it is the kind of couch that deceptively lulls you to sleep with its firm support and ability to fully stretch out in a number of different directions. And then there is the corner. Where this traditional l-shaped wonder is most magnificent is in the corner that leaves no shoulders stressed or mind worried. This corner has basically been claimed by my wife ever since we got it 4 months ago. Having just paid off the bill, it is almost completely hers. We are not productive on this couch. We are watchers of entire TV seasons in one sitting. On this couch, we know nothing but the casual glance up at the clock and the inevitable shock of just how late it has gotten.

I wonder at our purchase, now. I wonder at just how many meals are going to be consumed on the couch because of how easy it is to make picnics within the L. I think about all of the forts that have already been constructed for my children with no regard for the utility of this piece of furniture. The naps that will be had are too many to count.

Should we have gotten two couches like we had before so that no two people could accidentally sleep end to end until 4 am when we decide it is time to crawl up to your bedroom? Should we have gotten an intentionally uncomfortable couch so that we don’t sit for long periods of time chipping away at the world’s store of great acting?

I submit that a comfortable couch is essential. I believe that whatever life we are giving up by daily relaxing and sinking into that deep mocha fabric is not worth living. The world that exists outside of comfortable couches is nothing to be concerned with. It is for those who write thank you cards after coming home from a party. It is for those who converse about lawn maintenance for over an hour if given the chance.

Comfortable couches are for those of us who believe in pressure and release. They are for those of us who root for one another to be always be better, while knowing all the while that we can crash if we need to. They are for those of us who don’t want to ever be accused of not knowing what we have until its gone.

We know what it means to be still. We know what it means to enjoy each others company. And we do it. Every day.

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