Question 322 of 365: Why should we blarb?

Question 322 of 365: Why should we blarb?

I used to walk a mile and a half each night with my wife no matter what the weather. We were like the postal service. We would bundle up and just walk as fast as we could. We wouldn’t run because it was supposedly better for us. At least that is what we told ourselves. When we got a dog, we walked with him. When his feet got too cold on a few select nights we would pick him up and carry him along the way. We walked and talked every day, and it was wonderful.

On one such night in 2004, I told her that I was starting a blog.

For the rest of the walk she proceded to tell me (after a rather lengthy explanation of what a blog was) that no one was ever going to read such a thing. Every time that I got out the computer to write, she would ask if I was blarbing again. I told her that I was and I continued to write.

I’m glad that I did.

Today I wrote my first blog post as a part of my job. I am now writing and communicating for a living. I am now taking screenshots and framing ideas for a living. This is something that simply boggles my mind. I went from blarbing six years ago to coming up with new ideas and writing them out for a global audience on a daily basis.

So, when your husband comes to you with an idea for a new platform for communication and creation, don’t mock him. Tell him to blarb and twooter and fakebook and blinkin and skybe. Tell him to do the things that he is passionate about because odds are, if he gets good at it, someone will pay him for it.

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