Question 317 of 365: What is a camera?

Question 317 of 365: What is a camera?

I am now carrying a camera with me everywhere that I go. I am now capable of capturing the world around me at all times. This is no small thing.

I am not talking about life streaming. I am talking about remembering the things that are important. I am talking about knowing my kids in each of their most awkward phases. I am talking about using a camera to be the bridge to my memory. The camera as a function of being connected to the Internet through my phone makes the process of sharing my world seamless with the process of experiencing it.

Snap. Tag. Share.

This is not a product. This is not a particular service. This is my experience now. Taking a picture is no longer an event.

I once worked for a CVS pharmacy as a stock boy. It was seasonal work on a break from college. I did it for no more than 6 weeks. In that time I took over 100 polariods of the intensely boring work. I made a collage of all of them, a notebook of the time I was away from my girlfriend in the overstock room. She loved it.

In those 6 weeks of sneaking around the store and taking those pictures I figured out what it would mean to create something meaningful out of the mundane. I figured out that that simply by chronicling my time in the way that I saw it, I could reframe it and tell the story hat I wanted to tell. In effect. I could remember the experience as a lot better than it was and pull out the meaning at the same time.

That is what I hope to do every day now. I hope to make meaning out if he places I go and people I see simply by taking pictures. When everything is a photograph, everything is a story that I can tell. Everything is a memory. And I’m making them for everyone.

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