Question 310 of 365: What is the right increment?

Question 310 of 365: What is the right increment?

I used to think that incremental change would not suffice. Nothing
would infuriate me more than baby steps forward. And yet, the kinds of
revolutions I see around me are terrifying. Large scale pendulum
swings and quick fixes that get massive amounts of press seem are
wreaking havoc on everything I hold dear.

From education to politics, the radical change that is being advocated
cuts deep. It is painful to hear and to see in practice. It’s divisive
nature is not the kind of revolution I saw coming.

I believe in disruptive innovation, but only if it is beared out by
reflective practice. I believe in revolutionary rhetoric, but only if
it is working to ask questions and not just try and provide answers. I
believe in change, but only the kind that I can be a part of.

Any change that excludes those that are interested in the conversation
and willing to take part isn’t change at all. It is a mandate just
like any other.

And that is why I favor a wiki.

I want my change to be visible and based upon a revision history. I
want to make tiny edits and see those changes play out before I
undertake a massive overhaul. And I want the ability to revert to
previous versions when things don’t look too good.

Right now, the revolutionary kinds of change being exchanged are put
out on PDF. They are uneditable “truth.” They aren’t collaborative and
they certainly can’t be annotated or hyperlinked. They can’t take new
information into account. They aren’t based on a network of people,
but rather they exist from one or two authors. They come from an
expert rather than a practitioner. In short, they are dead.

I want living change. Those are the kinds of increments that I need.

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