Question 298 of 365: What is secrecy with a smile?

Question 298 of 365: What is secrecy with a smile?

There are many secrets that would make no one happy to hear. They are things that are hidden for a reason. They are the things that we hold onto because we are afraid of what might happen if we didn’t. We are focused on their secrecy because any subtle sign that we are holding back would be met with retribution or distrust. We hold them close because we must.

And then there are other secrets that show themselves at the slightest suggestion of their presence. They are secrets that curl our mouths into smiles by just thinking about them. And we let them. We tell one another that they are secrets, but we are bursting at the seams waiting to tell one another what is inside.

I saw one of those secrets today. Just in the right corner of someone else’s mouth, not letting it open and not letting it fully shut.

Somehow that secret transferred to my mouth too. Now, I am half smiling, half knowing what comes next. I have a secret and it is making me smile.

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